Wednesday, September 23, 2009

6-grade madness

Sept. 22
This week is our second week of teaching... my 3rd lesson with my 5th graders and my 1st lesson with 6th. My 5th grade class went well... although the actual lesson was completely different than the lesson plan (in both classes). My 5th graders were actually more advanced than the lesson I had planned, which was very cool. So, I had to make due... on the fly lol. The 6th graders were absolutely insane. This was my first time meeting them... and for an A class (6A) I was quite suprised by their unruliness! There were 20+ students... which normally would be split up into two classes, but not in my case. It was maddness, they were wayyy too excited. Standing, shouting, flailing, jumping - then... my counterpart left the room and I was left with the heathens for some time lol, yeah. At one point one boy was hitting another with an umbrella. I have never seen kids act this way lol. I'm not sure how much the kids learned, but I sure learned alot! How to break up a fight, how to scare children, how to punish... you get the point. Outside of class It’s almost scary to even walk down the halls with dozens of kids yelling HELLO! WHAT IS YOUR NAME! MY NAME IS ____ HOW ARE YOU! I mean I like my 5th graders but kids just start getting rowdy for like the next 5 years lol.... then "college" which is sort of like jr and sr year, they start having control of themselves again lol. So it's either the young ones or the young adults, but those ackward years are just a mess! :) Mental note.
That was pretty much the just of the day. It was rainy, and dirt roads are soo hard to walk in when they are so muddy. Language lessons with Aigul... made another outstanding pizza. (Andrew, Echo, Laura, and I are perfecting this craft.) I mean 3 ѳте дамды pizzas (that's very tasty)... Aigul says we should be writing our journals in Kazak, so whenever possible I try to throw in some Kazak words lol. Echo and Andrew taught us this fun/hilarious game called salad bowl - I would describe it, but you could probably google it easier... came back home and danced with Ablia haha. He drew me some pictures to take to America...! aww! I wonder what it would be like to teach him... lol!


  1. Your blogs make me laugh Noelle! Is there something we could send your host family- they sound like they have been wonderful. I might take lessons from your Host Mom in how to be assertive!! Salad Bowl sounds like a crazy charades game! FUN!

  2. Noelle - we are following your blog now too. We miss you so much and will be so happy to lick and cuddle with you when you get home. We love you, Huck and Howie

  3. I have to say even though we have a ocean that separates us it seems that those 6th grade kids are the same where you go!!!! You can can do it! :) Keep on writing. Yes when it snows or rains the whole country looks different, very muddy and sandy.