Wednesday, October 14, 2009

About those palm trees...

BLOG #17
Oct 7
So I didn't really have a chance to explain the pictures I put up today... The first as you could guess, is the infamous Ablai - this was maybe our first video session, he was dancing and decided to do some costume changes and came down with this batman number on haha. The three girls picture is of my host mom, and host sisters - the younger of course is Aziza. It was taken at the swimming hole on my birthday - they did a barbeque for me :) My host mom would probably kill me if she knew I posted that picture - she told me that I need to take one to show in America of her with a nice dress on :) I didn't actually mean to post the plastic palm tree picture... It was saved as "Kok Tobe", which I now know means pretty much anything. Everything is called Kok Tobe, the mountains, hotels, restaurants... this picture was taken at our orientation hotel in Almaty called Kok Tobe. I actually took the picture out of spite. I think I had, what they call the "hut syndrome" when I arrived. I had a mental picture of camels and yurts and really cool exotic lifestyles... when all I saw was a normal dirty trash-filled city... I wasn't initially impressed. Then I thought the Kok Tobe labeled picture was of the gorgeous mountains we went to... incidentally called Kok Tobe. Not the case. lol. so, no, there aren't palm trees in Kazakhstan, just ridiculous fake ones that they actually use as outside decorations? Yeah... Then obviously me on my first day of school in Kazakhstan. And if I remember correctly, the other picture was of the road to my house, coming home from school with the mountains in the background.

These are the pictures I meant to post of the mountains! Our Panfilova group and then the one of Anna, Denise and I/

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