Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mening Aigul!

BLOG #20
October 13

The weather is definitely starting to cool down. It's been quite chilly lately, today was the first day that I've warn my precious "cuddle duds" my mom insisted on having. I can remember leaving multiple stores in a huff - completely shocked that the place didn't carry Cuddle Duds in the middle of July... Lol. I'm glad we searched so hard mom. Today was a beautiful fall day, nice and crisp but sunny.
This is our unit plan week, so we are teaching the same class everyday all week. I like it. I chose my 5th graders (I know them best). It's nice to know what they know and what they should know. It's easy to plan for. Yesterday, Simbat had us make public grading charts for our classes. I felt so uncomfortable posting that thing today. It's so weird that everyone can see everyone's grades! These are daily grades that are posted. They are soo subjective too. Generally, they are based on whatever you feel like making them based on. I have yet to see actual graded homework, quizzes, tests... nothing. From what I've heard the tests are given and done in informal groups. There is no such thing as cheating. You are actually almost expected to "help" your fellow struggling classmates. So, as nice as it is to not have to explain your grading system, and having no one argue or question you... I still just don't agree with it entirely.
My class went well, and after we had Kazakh lessons. Aigul leaves on Friday! I'm not sure what I'll do without her lol. I'm definitely going to find myself a tutor once I get to Mambet. -By the way I asked Aigul yesterday what on earth Mambet meant that was so hilarious to every Kazakh person I talk to... She said Mambet is slang for a strange women that dresses funny. ...I think? - We are having a surprise party for her. Echo and I have been working on a song to sing for her! She loves when we sing in class (which we do often and randomly) She asked Echo if she could have a recording of us singing to show her class in Aktobe :) As ridiculous as we are in class... She's been showing a different, more relaxed and laid back side - maybe she's understanding our sense of humor. Either way she's been awesome and will love the song we're making for her - it's to the tune of the Kazakh national anthem, which we are obsessed with as a class lol. Check it out if you can, it's inspiring! It's so hearty and powerful, though it talks about flowers and streams and the country being happy lol... not a rockets glare or bombs bursting in the air :) Here's our Aigul version... she's going to love it :)

From your dance at Kok Tobe, We were sure that we would stay
From the start you stole our hearts, with your lovely Kazakh arts
As you leave for Aktobe, don't foget us on your way
We love you, Moonflower
Every minute, every hour

Our Aigul, Our Aigul
We can only hope for a counterpart so cool
Our hearts sing a tune when you say "ƃүгін қандай күн?" (boogin kandai koon/What's today's date?)
Please don't leave so soon
Our Aigul

My new regional manager is coming tomorrow to observe my class... eek! I hope it goes well. Everything has been much more laxed lately, I'm going to need to pick my game up... - the 31st is coming quick! We have our language test on Thursday... Frankly, MeI'm not sure how I'll do.

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