Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Echo!

So these are the only pictures I could get to work... It's of the river we found, Laura wandering and collecting floatable objects, Johnny, and Pat (who I love and reminds me of Michael George :)

Blog 23
October 19

I haven't written in a couple of days (and almost didn't even write tonight!), and I'm actually glad to feel remorse about it. I really want to record everything that happens here. Even though it's annoying and I don't feel like it sometimes... I just don't want to forget anything. Yesterday was church and banya day, with company over late and an early morning to follow... the day before was a night out on the town... or village lol. dancing.
This morning Andrew, Laura, and I woke up early to make pineapple pancakes for Echo! (She turned 24 today) We sort of made up a recipe as we went... and the texture of the pancakes was definitely off, but the fruit, powdered sugar, and jam made up for it :) We walked next door with hot chocolate and the breakfast to Echo's house and knocked on her window... I'm really going to miss window knocking at my site. I love it when I get a knock on my window - and I love knocking on other people's window haha it's a cute surprise. Any way she loved it! Even the strange rubbery pancakes lol. It was nice to have breakfast together, and the hot chocolate was more like thick rich melty fudge - through which we had our next best idea... A fondu party! (details to come later... but think French theme, with mustaches and a murder mystery haha)
After breakfast, we went home... got ourselves together and the plan was to go try out this national park and eagle farm! Although knowing I really need to do some laundry... I figured we'd be back by 5 anyways, and if I didn't go, I'd be home alone all day. So Echo, Laura, Pat, Johnny, and I made our way to the bus stop. I'm still confused as why Andrew not wanting to go stopped us from going - seeing as he didn't go anyway... but we decided against the original plan. It's funny how many times Laura has tried to go to this eagle farm and every time something doesn't work out lol. She's persistent.
This is where our adventure starts. We decide - hey we've got nothing to do all day... and we don't know when we'll be able to say that again... So we just got on a random bus and went where ever it was going :) Maybe not the wisest thing to do with the little bit of language skills we have combined but whatever. So we end up in Talgar. We wander around for a while, laughing and making up stories about people, found a pet shop, ate a block of cheese like a popsicle, then found this gorgeous river. We hung out there for a while... wishing we would have brought our cheese and apple danish there for a picnic (instead of eating on the side of a road hahah) Laura was hilarious... she just kept picking up trash that could potentially float, and doctoring the cans and things to see how long they could last in the current. We played frisbee on rocks, ate shashleek (sort of like a barbeque). It was a lot of fun to wander aimlessly on an open ended adventure.
Once back in Panfilova, Laura and Echo came over and the best thing ever happened! Laura needed a haircut :) She has definelty a short haircut, and as most in my family know... I've always wanted to cut someone's hair - Yes, Elana, I know I'm not a professional. So we took my hair cutting scissors and a comb and a stool and sat out by the street with a beautiful view of the mountains and made our own hair salon haha. People would drive by and stare.... but not laugh? lol. I was in heaven. And I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. She said she loved it but that may be because she's just super sweet :) Then we went over to her house and colored her roots with henna. I felt like an artist lol. Laura is my masterpiece!
...And for our 3rd delicious meal for the day... we made a makeshift tuna noodle casserole. Aka, macaroni and cheese with tuna and spices :) It was nice to make noodles the "normal" way.... as opposed to the raw noodles in grease way here in Kaz... Then we did NOT chat about Kazakhstan or the related over tea, which was very satisfying.

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