Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Can you describe Christmas in 15 min or less?

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Today, "holiday", as they say here, is the normal cleaning day. They say holiday, but mean weekend, which means housework. Pretty misleading, I know. Cleaning under my bed, I found what I thought were nerds on a piece of paper... then through some context clues - learned that it is actually mouse poison. I have obvious mixed feelings about this. We took the extra bed out of my room today too! I'm so glad about that. I don't remember if I mentioned earlier, but I basically kicked my host siblings out of their beds and room. Not only kicking them out, but having two beds in the only bedroom in the house. This really bothered me. I was wanting to move out at the end of my 6 months and find housing elsewhere to give them their space back - they had been sleeping on the floor! But now I feel better. Much better.

I will teach with Saltanat tomorrow in two of my lessons. I really like her. We planned together today, and by planned I mean actually planned and made materials together. Tomorrow one of our lessons is on Christmas and Nauryz. I only have 15 minutes to talk about Christmas! lol. I could do a month's worth of Christmas lessons, easily... but 15 minutes will be challenging. Nauryz is the Kazakh new year. They celebrate it in March and have the Santa Claus theme/idea from what I understand. I'll learn more about it tomorrow...

Johnny came over for lunch, and of course showed me up with his spectacular Russian speaking skills lol. :( My host mom made delicious chicken and french fries for him! It was really tasty. She said she was tempted to make bishbarmak... but (I don't exactly remember this) I told her that we don't like bishbarmak haha. (bishbarmak is the national kazakh dish... it's soggy noodles with horse meat and mutton. Nothing flavorful.) I really appreciated that she listened and practiced actual hospitality, which is catering to the guests wishes.... not culture's traditions. She's a really cool person. Although, after she explained this to us... she then told us that it was just about time to kill a horse for the winter, which means 4 months of bishbarmak. Awesome.

Johnny and I called Laura and talked to Echo about them coming here for the US new year... they said yes! I'm soo excited for them to come! Then I talked to Denise, who is also doing well :) So good to talk to them.

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