Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wake Up.. Wake Up...

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Today began with the best wake up call ever :) My family, at Thanksgiving back home, gave me a call before they left for the night... I was slightly sleep talking in the beginning - but quickly got my act together :) Thank you guys! Not much else too exciting happened during the day... I was home with the munchkins and Saule. My host parents went konaka-ing for the last day of Ait, which is some kind of holiday here... but no one seems to be able to explain what they are celebrating. They just explain how they celebrate - which is to fry dough in different shapes... surprise! :)

So at the house, I mainly read and organized class materials... and of course listened to Christmas music! My host parents came back with some of their friends later in the evening - though I would have guessed it was Saule's friends at the door! They were quite... how do I say... energetic? lol... The car they pulled in with the music up, and not just any music but club music, dance music. Once in there was talk about dancing, but I wasn't sure if I understood correctly. It was so strange, they turned the music on through the T.V and we all danced. Even my host father was dancing and he generally never talks or socializes. I had fun - though one of their friends, I don't remember his name, had had a little too much and was a sweaty mess that didn't mind getting right up in your face to speak... He got old pretty quick. He kept passionately telling me that I needed to marry a big strong Kazakh man. People here are just so creative I can't stand it... (sarcasm). His poor wife was so embarrassed, pulling him away from me. They were actually one of the potential host families I chose from. I made the right choice. Thanks for the prayer! It's been confirmed.

The old folks danced me out! I think we listened to the same 4 songs 20 times. It was after midnight that I threw in the towel - they were still going! They had asked me if we do this in America. I said no, I don't think I've ever seen my dad dance (Rap Daddy moves aside hahaha) I don't know why we don't do it though... the spontaneous dance party concept seems to be a normal thing here!

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