Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rhinestones are a Girl's Best Friend...

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I thought our dog, Toozik, was going to give himself a hernia this morning, barking like a maniac. He was just wailing right outside my window... and the rest of my family didn't seemed bothered - or at least they can fake it really well. The past two days Zharas and I have been just about late for school in the mornings lol, don't ask me how it happens. I think I'm going to start pouring my tea 5 minutes before I actually sit down to eat... because I can't drink scolding hot tea fast enough.

Yesterday I both taught with Saltanat and wore my official-super woman power-Kazakhstan-lady boots for the first time; both went well. I'm still not completely at peace with paying 6500 tenge, 45$ish, for such low quality boots... But my mom was reassuring that these were really really good boots (I'll take her word, I'm just looking for a pair that will last two years) I just know Target probably sells something like these but better quality and for half the price. I just think to myself, they are worth +100$ if they take my overly-concerned teacher friends off my back about the cold! All of the boots looked equally chinsy anyway. Mine are fake black leather with a nice plastic heel. "Natural", as they say, sheep fur lines the inside and of course they have rhinestone imitation around the ankles... Today they had their first run in the snow - and I must say my feet were nice and toasty. I even had a few almost-compliments. My counterpart was talking to another teacher about me (one of those times where you know people are talking about you, even when you don't understand what they are saying...) Then she told me that I'm wearing boots and my outfit fits me very well. compliment? maybe?.... oh, I'll take it! lol.

Teaching with Saltanat was great, however I foresee too much Kazakh being used in English class. I'm not too worried about it right now, though. Saltanat knows what's up :) Today, after classes and English club we played volleyball with some students and a couple of other teachers. Everything was going just fine - I've been tricking myself into just thinking people are just doing "trick shots" when they kick the ball... instead of getting mad about it. lol. It still bothers me though, and this is why. The ball is dead and as I reach down to take the ball and roll it to the server, this girl kicks it right in my face! lol! hard...! I thought I my nose was broken - or was definitely going to start bleeding....! hahahahaha - I'm laughing now but I wasn't then. It hurt. This whole little scene almost did a take two, but I caught myself and stuck my hands out in front of my face and the kid didn't kick it. Saltanat yelled at everyone and said something about in America you're not allowed to kick the ball, maybe... I appreciated that.

I had been thinking about stopping English Clubs until I have a better understanding of Kazakh, but I'm on the fence now. The hour went really quick today, and we had fun. Plus, Saltanat said she wouldn't mind helping me study Kazakh between classes, which is more of what I was looking for than a one on one class in a classroom. 13 students came today, which is the most I've had so far. We played Simon Says for way longer than I had planned, then we sang Christmas songs and did a listening activity, where I played a song and they checked off the words that they heard. I made 10 worksheets by hand, each having 3 activities for 3 songs. It took forever to do, but was worth it. I can use that for the next few clubs. My host family has a printer but no ink. I'm going to try and buy some ink somewhere tomorrow and see after a few months if it is worth the money to print things. I could make some great worksheets and actual quizzes and tests - something to actually grade. I don't remember if I wrote about the one day they did tests, but it was basically a joke.

I started my wall of promises :) I like it. I also have been reading through the Gospels - in honor of Christmas! :) I'd like to make some Christmas crafts in English club too... maybe wrap sparkly garland around a poster-cone for a Christmas tree (mom! :), paper snowflakes, a ginger bread house - but that might be too pricey... If anyone has low budget ideas, let me know!

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