Monday, January 4, 2010

HO! HO! Santa's here, go to bed children!



Christmas eve! What a busy day I've had. Running all over Kazakhstan... that's an exaggeration, but it's what it feels like! I had class this morning, then ran all over the school trying to print off next semester's worth of English Clubs - after planning a semester's worth of clubs on the spot. So much for trying to turn something professional in, from now on it's hand written! I'm sick of people just copping out on their jobs... "it's broken.", "it's closed." Fix it. Tell me a real time when I can use something... blows my mind. So I had a late start to the Teacher's English Club, which meant a late start to Christmas shopping, and a late start to Student English Club - and a late end to the day!

Speaking of late... Christmas shopping on Christmas eve! Ha ha. I've never done that before... It doesn't really feel much like Christmas anyway... The Teacher English Club made a nice meal for Johnny and I, but the most Christmas-y thing about the event was the music and the Santa bag they used for our felt yurt gifts. Other than that, we ate horse tubes, fried bread and dried salty milk chunks haha. (There was tasty fruit and cookies there too, I just like to be dramatic). It was really nice of them - I didn't expect so much food! Saltanat and I left a little early, to so a little Christmas shopping, like I've said. She's so helpful and sweet. We were late for Student English Club - but the kids still came. They made snowflakes, candy canes and little ornaments for their Christmas trees. They really liked it! (So did I) Now there are 20 beautiful Christmas trees the kids made themselves in Mambet :) Even a group of 5 or 6 boys came in a little bit later and had fun making crafts with us. By the time Saltanat and I had the mess cleaned up... I was a little over an hour behind schedule. I ran out to the "taxi stop" to try and catch a "taxi" to Balpuk Bi for Aliya (Johnny's counterpart)'s konaka. I waited there for about 45 minutes, and decided it wasn't worth it...

I wanted to go visit with them, but taxi's are hard to catch in the evening, they just don't run... And I really wanted to make it home tonight to wrap my gifts, play Santa, and be able to have a nice, uninterrupted conversation with the Zalar fam in the morning, and I just wanted to rest... I'm a little concerned with all of the crazy disorganization of events this week... I think I have one or two parties every day until Tuesday! No joke. I'm trusting God will put me where He wants me throughout all of the madness... people coming and going, planning and changing plans, ooojus (as they say in Kazakh haha)

Now I'm just waiting for everyone to fall asleep to put the presents under the tree... It's after midnight and even Zhere and Zharas are still wide awake! I'm tired lol. Overall it was definitely a good day. Although I did loose an earring... a good one! Today was the first day that I've ever worn my dangly red rose earrings - I halfway made them myself... I had been waiting since summer for Christmas to wear them, just because they are quite wintery and a little much for everyday. At least I got one compliment on them - and took plenty of pictures with them on haha... It must have happened as Saltanat and I were rushing around shopping. O well... gives me another goal for the winter :)

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