Monday, January 4, 2010

This Does Not Compute...



Yesterday was Kazakhstan's Independence Day, so we didn't have school then or today. Twiddling your thumbs in Kazakhstan isn't an exciting thing to do - but I guess it's not exciting no matter where you are. I actually did a good job of keeping busy. I'm not sure how I always create something to do, but it usually happens - and I don't even mean for it to, or think about it. The day before the mini break started was a volleyball tournament. We only had a half day of school, then I had some lunch and met Saltanat at the Sport Complex to warm up for our big competition. I don't mean to over exaggerate, it was just class versus class... but people are serious about it :). That was a long day. Too long - too many people (whose names I still can't remember), too much of the same conversation topics repeated (which I still can't elaborate on)... also, when I sit for long periods of time... and start day dreaming, I can really spook myself into an emotional mess lol. It ended well, though. The technical coordinator at our school just came home from the army, and we had a mini welcome back celebration after all of the students left.

On the day off yesterday, I went to another concert/meeting/ceremony, this one for the holiday. Then went and hung out with Johnny for a while - watched the Grinch :). I also picked up some supplies for my Christmas Craft - English Club! We are making sparkly decorated Christmas trees... well if tomorrow nobody objects to the idea... (poster cones wrapped in shiny green garland with paper snowflakes and candy canes as ornaments) I spent most of my day testing and practicing the best and most economical way to lead the craft. I've made the perfect size tree, with tiny snowflake and candy cane paper ornaments - clipped paper clips in half for the ornament hangers, and have a nice big golden star topping the tree. :) I love it! I'm excited for the kids to make theirs... I think they'll have fun with it, and be able to use it as a legitimate decoration.

I went to a Konaka last night too. The first house I walked through when choosing my host family... Their son just got married recently so he and his new wife and her sisters were there... we watched the entire, entire wedding on video. I mean the wedding showers, preparations, wedding, reception, and everything in between. Kazakhstan is a funny place in that it's hard for me to take official things seriously due to the chinsy-ness of the execution. Yesterday especially made me see this - with the Independence Day ceremony and the wedding celebration. At the Independence Day thing, people would speak very seriously and passionately about the history of the country, which is seriously a tragic history - then when speakers would change, they play this techno-club music? Does not compute. Does not compute. haha. Then the wedding... pictures in her wedding album have people's heads cut off, half bodies, people aren't looking you name it... there is a clipart cupid on the cover. Does not compute lol.

Tonight I was invited to go ice skating! I really like ice skating... and this time it was night ice skating, so it was like a discotec on ice - techno music, laser lights and all! It was fun, but this group wasn't very adventurous, it was Saule, Aika, Baiyon, and Maurxan (distant host cousins)... What a great idea though, to have a little roller rink/teen club on ice haha. Now Johnny and I have something to practice for - to show off to the pre teens at the ice rink haha.

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