Monday, January 4, 2010

Mr. Turkey Bolda.... "turkey's done!"



Tomorrow is the big English Club Christmas party! More kids wanted to sign up than I had planned for, so I bought some extra stuff today on a an errand run with Saltanat in Balpuk Bi. She is so funny - I haven't shopped like that in a long time. Usually shopping is more of a chore... I have think about what I want to say, analyze whether I'm getting ripped off, debate on whether I should hackle with people about prices... if you even look around at things, the seller puts so much pressure on you to buy whatever it is - normally I let that pressure get to me, feel bad, and buy things I don't want to buy lol. With Saltanat, though, we bought things we didn't mean to buy, not out of our own will lol, but just one of those things where you want to buy everything. It was hilarious, she bought a poster of Santa Claus for the English teachers haha. She's cute.

The new tech guy, who just returned from the military may turn around the tech situation at that school! That would be lovely. Today was our first day back "in classes" since the break last week. All of my classes were taking tests today - so my teachers told me there was no reason for me to just sit pretty in the classes... I went to the computer room! It took maybe 2 class periods, but he had the internet up and running. It's still only one computer, but there is hope... I think I offended him by asking why they don't put the Internet on all of the computers - he said, "The students know everything about technology, and he doesn't want them to break the computers." Yes, I said that right, and no it makes no sense. He got all huffy and left. I didn't mean to upset him, I was just asking. I want to help!

Yesterday as I was eating lunch with Saule, she told me there was a turkey in the banya. Haha. They had been making jokes about killing a turkey for Christmas, but even after the horse day - it still didn't cross my mind that we may actually kill the turkey ourselves. Silly me. So we went out to the banya to look at it. The big thing was just sitting there, with it's legs tied. It was a warm day, but it was shivering :( Later in the evening yesterday, my h-mom set up a nice little outdoor photo setting haha - stuck a scrawny fake Christmas tree in the snow outside, and we gave Mr. Turkey his 15 min. of fame. By the time I showed Saule the pics, my h mom came in and said, "Mr. Turkey bolda." (Mr. Turkey's done.) That was quick. I actually helped this time... I plucked a turkey! I've eaten turkey how many times and never plucked a feather. It was so weird - then it started getting cool. It's pretty amazing - living things, bodies, life, death, creation. We cut him open, and took out all of his parts. I used to think that Jess was crazy for being able to look at/work with corpses and dead things - but it was really cool. (And there is not even that much to a turkey.)

Mr. Turkey cost 5000 tg! That's like 30$! They don't normally eat turkey here... Saule said she wasn't going to eat any. (They eat mutton, goat heads and horse intestines, but not turkey or chicken...?) So it was a financial sacrifice as well as a personal preference sacrifice! How sweet of them. I need to think of a nice Christmas gift to thank them with. It's almost 2010.... which makes 2011 seem soo much more reachable!

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