Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Blog 27
October 28
I began the day waking up late :(... But, rushing through tea and all of the formalities of the morning - I made it on time to my Teacher Training Session. A quick granola bar and banana on the go breakfast is not an option here, which would have been nice this morning lol. I'm glad Sarah and I's presentation was first. Now I really have no responsibilities until I get to site. Though I know I could use this time wisely... sorting out key phrases I will need to know how to say dealing with host families :)
After our presentation, I did a take two on sending Sarah a letter. This is such a process. Yesterday, the lady yelled at me like I was mentally challenged lol. I thought maybe today I could try again... seeing if someone else was working. I told the other lady today that my letter was going to the USA - I'm not sure if she was just pawning the task off because she didn't want to deal with it, but she told me to come back after 2. I don't understand why things just don't work smoothly here. It's not that difficult to do your job is it? lol. This iiis a post office ...right? I didn't have time before the talent show to stop by again (it's sort of out of the way). Maybe tomorrow it will happen... In the meantime I'll just carry it around with me in case I get the chance to try again :)
Our talent show was today! The kids were so cute! It's entertaining enough for a kid talent show - but to add in the cultural differences was like adding a cherry on top. Our play was a hit. A couple of fumbles and rushed lines but overall a crowd pleaser. I'll do my best to post the video in a timely manner. Nothing else interesting happened today. It was a pretty chilly day. Yesterday I didn't need a coat. Today was rainy, and I guess (according to the neighbor boy) tomorrow it should snow! Here it comes....!
We are going to see a hungarian ballet, if I understand correctly, tomorrow! I can't wait :) And before the show we are going to Pizza Hut! I'm excited. People probably aren't dressing up... but I'm so tempted just because I'm so pumped lol. There is talk about maybe doing karaoke after - we'll see what I end up deciding on. I honestly feel like I should devote more of my time to my host family than "livin it up" with my friends. But... I'm not going to be able to call my host family and vent about being so bored and lonely 5 months from now. It goes with out saying that I have much more in common with my friends than my host family. I'm trying to swindle Azizza into joining us tomorrow - but she's a hard sell.

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