Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Dress and A Big Burrito

Blog 26
October 27
Today I slept in :) first time in a while... I had a very lazy start to the day since language classes are over, we are just kinda hanging out now. I, figuring I was home alone at around 9, decided to figure out what I should wear for our swearing in ceremony on Saturday. A group of girls went on a shopping trip to buy dresses... I thought that was impractical. I already have way too much stuff - why would I want to add a ball gown to my collection, especially when I'll only wear the thing once! I only have the one dress that I brought from home. It's a shorter length, black dress (definitely a summer dress). I was counting on wintering it up with some tights and maybe a cardigan or something...
I tried it on with the tights and shoes (well just the one shoe actually lol), Sam has a cute black cardigan she offered me to borrow. Since there isn't a mirror in my room, I went out to the front door where there's a mirror. It's a smaller mirror so I stood on a footrest and lifted the one leg with the shoe on it up - to get a good look at the complete ensemble. So there I am checking myself out in the strangest position... and I'm sure you can guess what happens next lol. "Oh, Aziza! You're home!" awkward-lol (lol). She gave me a deservingly strange look haha. I explained myself to the best of my ability. She advised me against the tights - and was not impressed with my summer dress... even after explaining that I would have a cover for it at the ceremony. She was so kind enough to bring one of her dresses for me to try on. Then she called her older sister and asked if I could borrow something :) There was some kind of a positive message after that, I sort of assumed that something would be pursued with that idea. Apparently, Anar has lots and lots of dresses.
My day continued with the first round of packing. I have no clue how I've accumulated so much stuff within the past couple of months! I mean books and books, papers, materials. Geez. Plus the two extra huge bags PC gave us once we arrived to Kazakhstan for our medical stuff, water distillers, smoke alarms the whole nine yards. Good thing Johnny is going with me :) It's only because it's culturally sensitive that men carry things for women in this country that I would let Johnny help me out in that way :) I mean as a woman, I'm only really capable of cooking and cleaning - I wasn't born with muscles. Actually bad news to go with that situation. I guess there is a possibility that Johnny may be medi-vacced (sent home for medical reasons) due to a frisbee related finger injury! (Eye roll) Really, Johnny?. He had x-rays today and apparently Dr. Victor is all over the situation, there may be need of an American surgery. I think Dr. Victor is just bored lol. Johnny is his new project. We'll see what happens with that. I hope he's ok for both of our sakes.
So, then, Sarah and I prepared for a presentation we have tomorrow. We are doing a session at a Teacher Training seminar on Lesson Planning. Honestly, I'm still pretty uncomfortable about going in there and telling all of these teachers from the surrounding area how to do their job. It has only just been pounded in our heads, now I'm supposed to do the same to my elders - who have been teaching for how many years now? Regardless, that's tomorrow morning. We had our talent show rehearsal then. Our Cinderella was a now show... along with half every other "girl part". We re-casted the entire performance lol. I'm happy with our show. (Our king and prince are still super enthusiastic. And their lines are noticeably improved from the last time!)
Once home, I left upon arriving. Lol Yesterday, Echo, Laura, and I went to the PC office in Almaty and stopped at the RamStore (Which I've been reading as PamStop for forever.... РамСтор in cyrillic) It has everything you would ever crave - we bought ingredients for delicious black bean burritos! Proving that it is possible to eat here with no fatty meat or grease or oil! I felt like I was at Chipotle :) I came back home - and I rushed off to Anar's house with the family. I'm not sure what the hurry was... They played dress up Nina - talk about every wrinkle, freckle, blemish, split end, you name it lol. They are very blunt and honest here. I am trying to learn to appreciate that. I have to remember that in the end I know they are on my side, but it's borderline offensive. From what I understand, tomorrow my host dad is going to cut my hair? What did I get myself into... and they still want to dye my hair, which I put up a good fight about, but my host mom isn't satisfied. Not happening. Too many bad hair cases in Kazakhstan as is. I will not become another mullet statistic haha. I want to be one less :)
I'm ok if no one gets that last little joke... it was kind of lame but I chuckled to myself, so I'll keep it :)

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